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A low cost, low touch, automated investment advice platform designed for the emerging affluent investor, supported by the investment principles of one of the industry's leading financial firms.

About Us is a low cost (0.25% annual fee), low touch, automated investment advice platform designed for the emerging affluent investor, with less than $100,000 to invest, who is seeking a long-term approach that emphasizes risk-appropriate, broad diversification and consistent exposure to the structural dimensions of global publicly traded markets. employs portfolios from a large selection of ETFs available on the Institutional Intelligent Portfolio™ platform of Schwab Wealth Investment Advisory, Inc. An investor with a minimum of $5,000 is then carefully matched to a recommended portfolio based on a series of questions. investors are also provided with eMoney - a digital account dashboard and organizer where you can track your assets, liabilities, income, spending and much more.

The investment and risk selection strategy is based on the investment principles of Index Fund Advisors, Inc. - an industry leading1 registered investment adviser.

Service Matrix Comparison Index Fund Advisors Intelligent Portfolios
Mobile Apps
Institutional Intelligent Portfolios
Index Fund Advisors
Personalized Financial Advice from an IFA Wealth Advisor No Yes No
Access to Funds From Dimensional Fund Advisors No Yes No
Funds to choose from for Portfolio Construction 400+ ETFs 17,000 Mutual Funds + ETFs 22 ETFs
Minimum Cash Requirement in Account 4% 0.50% 7%
Minimum Investment $5,000 $100,000 $5,000
Behavioral Finance Advice No Yes No
Tax Management and Asset Location Strategy No Yes No
Retirement Planning No Yes No
Tax Loss Harvesting $50,000+ Yes $50,000+
Rebalancing Yes Yes Yes
Statements from Custodians Yes Yes Yes
Detailed Performance Reports No Yes No
Cash Withdrawal and Deposit Management No Yes No
eMoney with Financial Planning No Yes No
eMoney without Financial Planning Yes Yes No
Independent Investment Options Yes Yes No
Glide Path Strategy No Yes No
Life Planning No Yes No
Account Aggregation Yes Yes No
College Planning No Yes No